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Health Management

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Health management plays an important role in our companies philosophy. This involves not only physical health, but mental health as well. Our goal is to improve all aspects of health for our drivers and our employees in the service area.

To improve the communication of health related topics and to plan events and workshops regarding health, Hegelmann Group appointed Lisa Rothfuß, head of marketing Germany as a health manager. Together with her team she regularly organizes a variety of events and campaigns covering different aspects of health management at Hegelmann.

Covid 19 related shift to digital campaigns

Due to Corona, health campaigns had to be scaled back in 2020 and could not be carried out in person as they were in the previous year. This led to a change in how we provide materials and shifted us from in-person experiences towards digital campaigns to inform our employees about how to stay healthy. The campaigns involved tips in the area of healthy nutrition, physical and mental health and sports which were provided for employees. We also introduced new campaigns

World Health Day

For the World Health Day on April 07, 2021, a small throwback video was created for the employees, which included all past actions related to health management throughout the Group. It was intended to remind and motivate employees to always take care of their own health and bodies.

Mental Health Month

As part of the mental health month in May of 2021, the team organized four professional livestreams surrounding the topics of stress reduction, motivation, positive mind and meditation. The streams consisted of industry professionals that explained each topic and also provided the viewers with easy exercises they can do at home or on the road. The streams were public for everyone to watch and therefore also provide people outside of our company the opportunity to improve their well-being by watching the recordings of those coaching events.

Fit Like a Boss

To encourage our employees to practice healthy behaviors, “Fit Like a Boss” was launched by the Health Management Team. Every Monday, various tips or small exercises in the area of health were sprinkled to all employees and on social media. What are the benefits of nuts? How do I stretch my arms or legs? Why should I eat vegetarian once a week? How long should I sleep every day? And so on… The campaign ran from March to July.

Fit into the Winter

Autumn is the season for colds. To get our employees fit and healthy in the winter, weekly activities were organized in October and November. For this purpose, the Health Management team recorded various videos together with a yoga coach, which are very easy to follow. From yoga at work to a daily morning routine, there is something for everyone. The videos were edited and made available to employees as well as shared on social media. Other activities such as a smoothie day and the provision of a Health Drink with fresh ginger, honey and lemons in all office kitchens were also part of the Fit-into-the-winter campaign.

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