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Trailer Rental

We offer the Curtainsider, Mega, Thermo and Koffer Trailers for rent. Wherever you go in Europe – Poland, Germany, France, Lithuania – our service points are always ready to service your rented trailers for free.

We arrange repair, inspection, insurance or new documents at our expense. With Hegelmann, trailer rental becomes simple and hassle-free. Rent our trailers and get not only a fleet, but full support and technical assistance at any time!

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Beside standard back loading, our curtainsider-trailers offer the convenience of rapid loading and unloading not only from the back but also from the side or from the top with the help of a crane. This can save considerable time for your customers and simplifies the loading for many different types of goods. Our dispatch team is happy to advise you on which kind of trailer is best for the cargo you want to transport.

● Height – 2625-2700mm
● Width – 2480mm
● Lenght – 13620mm
● Payload – 24-34 pallets

Pallet stops, Multilock outer frame, tail lifts 620mm, Code XL, EN 12642 certified, DCE 9.5 certified, VPI 2700 / beverage transport.

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Using our modern refrigerated trailers, you can provide the professional transportation service for temperature-sensitive goods such as fruit, vegetables, flowers, dairy products and other items. To ensure a perfect temperature-controlled delivery our trailers are equipped in telematic-system, that constantly monitors the temperature inside the trailer. Any temperature deviation can be corrected instantly. The trailers are loaded from the back. The cargo is secured by cargo stop bars. For security reasons, our refrigerated trailers are equipped with clamps that prevent tampering from third parties. 

● Height – 2650mm
● Width – 2465mm
● Lenght – 13310mm
● Payload – 33-66 pallets

Double-Deck Box with 50mm Lochraster, Thermoking 300u. 400SLX, Code XL, EN 12642 certified, GDP, Pharma certified, Telematics.

truck trailer rent

Mega Trailer

We offer mega trailer rent for the shipment of extra bulky goods as well as for higher cargoes. The construction allows it to use all four directions to load the mega trailer. Thanks to the ability to raise the roof by 30 cm if required, mega trailers can provide a loading height of more than 3 meters.

● Height – 3000mm
● Width – 2480mm
● Lenght – 13620mm
● Payload – 34 pallets, 25 tons

Pallet stops, tail lifts 620mm, Code XL, EN 12642 certified, DCE 9.5 certified, International customs seal, loading capacity of around 102m3

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Ready to rent a trailer or got question? Our team is here to facilitate every step for you – from choosing the perfect trailer, through service, to logistical support.

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