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Coil trailers are very similiar to curtainsiders, but offer the advantage of beeing able to load heavy coils. They are equipped with a 9 meter long chain that is used to secure the coils to the trailer and stop them from shifting or tilting during transit.

Technical Specifications

2625 mm-2700 mm

2480 mm

13620 mm

22,5-34 pallets

Areas of Application


Large coils of raw materials like steel sheets are required in thousands of different products and manufacturing processes. Our coil trailers are specifically equipped with indented floors with securing chains to support the large weight of such heavy materials as well as ensuring that they don’t shift during transit.


In construction works, large coils of steel, cables, strings and more need to be transported to the construction site. Our coil-tailers are able to transport these types of goods safely and securely to their destination.