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Tanker for transportation of bio-lng and lng gas

We offer a liquefied natural gas transportation service. We use special tankers for the transportation of compressed-liquefied LNG and Bio-LNG gas. Invest in a greener and cleaner future by applying sustainable solutions to your fleet or business and we’ll deliver your LNG or Bio-LNG to the destination and right on time. 

Specialised Team

We have a dedicated team responsible for the transportation of Bio-LNG and LNG gas. We will be happy to advise and provide you more information. You can contact us by phone or email.

Technical Specifications

53m 3 

6-7 bar




Areas of Application


Bio-LNG and LNG are innovative fuel alternatives in the industry. It can be applied in areas such as transport, heating, power generation, etc. Implement sustainable solutions for your transport fleet or industry.


Bio-LNG and LNG can be used in the household for electricity, stoves and ovens, fire pits or to fuel gas boilers used for hot water, heating or cooling air, as well as for transportation. Implement sustainable solutions for your home.