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LNG & CNG Trucks

Sustainability is a very important topic for our company. As part of our road to net zero emissions, we are exploring a wide range of new technologies in the logistics sector.

This is why we decided to adapt our fleet with Bio-LNG and Bio-CNG trucks to lower our carbon footprint. In 2020 we started with a pilot fleet of 5 LNG-trucks that is currently beeing expanded to over 150 trucks. We also adapted our fleet with 10 CNG-trucks. These trucks will have a great impact on both our environment as well as propelling these technologies and the demand for refueling stations all over the European Union.

Our fleet in numbers



CO2 Reduction
Up to 90%

Advantages of Bio-LNG

Hybrid technology for more flexibility

Bio-LNG trucks are primarily natural gas-powered and can be switched to diesel fuel power for backup if required. This makes them very flexible and allows us to use these trucks even when routes go through areas that don’t sport the necessary infrastructure for refueling natural gas.

More environmentally friendly than other fossil fuels

Bio-LNG is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel. In the context of the European Commission’s ongoing energy transition, it represents a good solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and aiding in the fight against global warming.

Refueling possible in more and more countries

Refueling stations are already available in a wide range of countries across europe like France, Germany, and the Netherlands

Less limited by range than electric trucks

While electric trucks are an important technology that we want to explore in the long term, they have major disadvantages in terms of their range due to the limitations of current battery technologies. Bio-LNG and Bio-CNG will pose a good option to transition the fleet to become more sustainable until battery technologies or hydrogen-powered trucks become a more viable option.