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Become a Carrier for our Group

It is no secret that a business in the transport industry is always associated with the risk of not generating the expected revenues or even losses. The reasons can be various: truck downtime, late payments, customer insolvency, lack of orders or too many empty kilometers.

You have a logistics company and want to profit from the many advantages that a partnership with us offers? Partners of Hegelmann Group have fewer empty runs due to a highly interconnected logistics system. This leads to a higher productivity and a higher profitability. Our disposition team is able to organise high quality loads for different types of trailers.

We are here to help you avoid losses.
Hegelmann Group is offering you to become our official forwarder and receive constant, stable and monthly mileage, by using our service of a personal manager.

Get in touch with us

We will be happy to provide you with more information. Just send us a brief introduction of your company and our team will let you know what types of partnerships we can offer you.

Advantages of beeing our partner

Fewer Empty

High Quality Loads


Higher Profitability

Regular round trips
Attractive average truck mileage per month
Fast and punctual payment
Support of a personal manager
Possibility to rent a trailer if needed
DKV card issued if necessary
Minimum time input for loading and unloading
Maximum planned driving time
Regular trips according to the requirements of the mobility package
Possibility to choose a route through countries with more attractive fuel prices
Technical assistance on the road


Legal entity registered in the EU
At least 1 truck and 1 driver
Willingness to develop and communicate
Any additional certificates, permits, availability of trucks and trailers are an advantage for you.

Contact Us now to become a carrier