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Our most versatile trailers allow for easy loading through the back, the sides and the top.


Our thermo trailers can be used to transport refrigerated goods like food or pharmaceuticals.

Bulk Liquid Tankers

Our Liquid-Bulk-Trailers are able to hold a wide range of different liquid chemicals and ADR bulk goods.

Dry Bulk Tanker

Our dry bulk tanker trailers are able to transport various types of granulate.


Our container trailers are able to transport up to two 20 feet containers.

Road Transportation

With over 5000 trucks in our fleet, we can offer various different trailer types that allow us to transport nearly every type of goods or cargo on the market.  This allows us to provide one of the most versatile services across the logistics industry while reducing cost for our customers.

Our drivers are specifically trained in handling different types of goods and are working with modern hardware and according to the newest industry standards. This allows us to fullfill the most important certifications.