Sustainability at Hegelmann Group

Social responsibility and sustainability became a very important part of our companies philosophy. We are gradually reducing our environmental impact, improving the health and working conditions of our employees and supporting a wide range of sustainable projects on our road to net zero emissions.

With “Mission: Green”, we will give a face to sustainability and it’s impact on our employees, our fleet and our projects. We strive to reduce our emissions and our footprint through innovative approaches to existing problems, high investments in new technologies and regular improvements that benefit both society and nature at the same time.

Our contribution to a more sustainable future in logistics

Our corporate social responsibility report for the year 2021 covers all important topics regarding our economic, environmental and social projects we tackled in the past year.

We are proud to take large steps towards a more sustainable future in logistics and are increasing our efforts by exploring new ways of transport, offsetting our environmental footprint and improving our employees working conditions and health.

With our 2021 CSR report, we focus on all projects we started in the last two years as well as projects we will focus on in the future on our road to net zero emissions.

Social responsibility

Our Partners

  • IRU

    Together with the International Road Transport Union, we share and influence the global discourse on more sustainable and efficient logistics.


    To improve the carbon footprint of our fleet, we aquired over 150 state-of-the-art bio LNG powered trucks by Iveco.


    Betterflow improves the aerodynamics of our trailers and reduces air resistance, saving fuel and energy.

“The bigger the success, the greater the responsibility. We are open to challenges and at the same time we strive for sustainability in our industry”

Siegfried Hegelmann
Social responsibility