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Our Values & Our Mission

Our company has a clearly defined mission that is giving our employees, our customers, and our suppliers a straightforward idea of what our companies purpose is. It focuses on the importance of our services and the desire to stay innovative across all our departments. This allows us to give our customers the best experience possible and also to get ahead of our competitors.

The mission is engraved in our DNA and is always kept in mind when our company explores new directions, advances in existing areas, and when it leaves the past behind.

“Our Mission is to provide a wide range of logistic solutions where the customer can be on the pulse of the service.”


The HEGELMANN GROUP is and remains a family-run company. We see ourselves as one big international and multicultural family with common goals and values.  


Respect is one pillar of our organization. We accept that we are all different and yet belong together.
Our interaction is defined by politeness, openness and honesty.


Sustainability in everything we do is our top priority. We create sustainable people management practices for our employees and treat the resources  we need for our processes with care, using renewable solutions where they are available.


Progress is our collective goal, which we strive for by setting higher goals for ourselves. We are constantly improving our service structures and utilizing technology as a tool for achieving greatness in all of our business processes.


Cooperation and client satisfaction are our everyday motivations. We have the vision to provide the highest-quality worldwide services imaginable. We are continuously on the lookout for fresh approaches — either we win else we learn!