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volvo truck Hegelmann

Volvo FM Electric Trucks

In the pursuit of sustainability and innovation within the logistics industry, Hegelmann Group in Germany has embarked on a groundbreaking journey. As part of its “Mission Green” initiative, the company has integrated the Volvo FM 500 Electric Trucks into its fleet.

The Volvo FM Electric is a versatile and agile heavy-duty truck, offering low emissions and a reduced noise level. Ideal for high-capacity grocery deliveries, container transportation, crane services, and more, it excels in urban environments. It can operate in zero-emission zones and during hours when diesel trucks are restricted.

volvo truck Hegelmann

Technical specifications:

upto 44 tonnes

Up to 44 tonnes GCW

station E Trucks

Up to 300 km range


Up to 490 kW power

Hegelmann Group’s integration of Volvo FM 500 Electric Trucks into its fleet marks a significant milestone in our “Mission Green” initiative. This project highlights the environmental, operational, and economic benefits of adopting electric vehicles in logistics.

The Volvo FM 500 Electric Truck, renowned for its efficiency, reliability, and zero-emission operation, stands at the forefront of green transportation solutions. We incorporate these trucks into our fleet for fixed-route operations, covering 5,000 km each month.


Axle Configurations

Tractor: 4×2, 6×2, 6×4​​, Rigid: 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×2, 8×4. All axles are air-suspended.

Charging time (full charge)

9.5h with AC (43 kW), 2.5h with DC (250 kW)


Up to 300 km


Up to 330–490 kW continuous power