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Spot Sales Manager

Jedna z wiodących firm transportowych w Europie poszukuje Kandydatów na stanowisko Spot Sales Manager

  • Wrocław

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Main tasks

We are looking for a candidate who speaks English at a high level, who not only knows how to negotiate with customers about cargoes, and confirm them on the exchange, but will also be able to offer some new processes over time and is able to sell even sand from the desert. We need a fresh perspective on the processes of a person with experience. The task of such a person will first be to load trucks same day in and take loads for future.

Knowledge of European countries and their capitals.

Experience in sales is important to us; the candidate must be able to sell anything. The candidate must have the ability and desire to sell perseverance. Sales experience in any field preferred.

Based on the information that we provide, the employee should be able to set the targets independently, which directions are priority for us, and where it is better not to send the truck. The candidate must be communicative, detail-oriented, multitasking, punctual, calm and able to handle a large number of tasks at the same time.

We are on the same track if

Out-of-the-box thinking:

Ability to focus on tasks and delve into the process, analyze and offer your ideas. Proper organization of the process is the key to success

Communication skills:

Ability to get out of dead-end situations, solve problems in favor of the company. Communication with customers should be of the same quality verbally as it is in writing.

Language proficiency:

English, both spoken and written, is an integral part of the job. You need to be good at grammar and express your thoughts correctly to customers. Knowledge of French, German or Spanish will be a major plus!

Go-getter attitude:

You need to be flexible, be able to find a common language not only with customers, but also with employees within the company. We need a candidate who can convince customers that we are the right carrier, not only verbally, but also through your work and attitude. An employee’s work is the face of our company.

We offer

Work in open space, friendly team, often team-buildings, spacious, cozy office near center of Wroclaw with several chill zones, mini library and table football.

Full provision of information, all the materials for the programs we work with, assistance and support of the employee for the first time, an interesting KPI system starting from the first month. Salary based on the results of the interview.

Depending on the quality of work in the future, we provide the opportunity to have your own team with the ability to train new people and distribute tasks.

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