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Walking Floor Trailer

WALKING FLOOR Trailers are very versatile and flexible in their use. They use a hydraulically powered system integrated in the trailers floor to quickly move loads in and out of the trailer without the need for additional equipment. They are perfect for transporting bulk and non-palletized cargo stored in large bags and reduce the need of additional packaging. They have a high capacity of up to 92 m² and can transport up to 24.5 tons of cargo.

Our fleet consists of 5- and 6-axle tractors that allow us to fulfill orders all across the European Union, the United Kingdom and all Scandinavian countries.

Specialised Team

We have a dedicated team that is responsible for organizing and handling bulk cargo transports with WALKINGFLOOR trailers. We are happy to provide you with further information or consulting about your transporting needs. You can contact us via phone or email.

Technical Specifications

2680 mm-2780 mm

2480 mm

13500 mm

24.5 tons

Goods we can carry

Raw Materials
Bagged Pellets
Metal Ores


5- and 6-axle variants

In our fleet, we have 5- and 6-axle tractors that allow us to fulfill orders in the EU, UK and Scandinavia. 6-axle vehicles are in high demand in the UK and Scandinavia. 5-axle vehicles are better suited to work within Europe since they are lighter and can carry more weight.

Cargo stoppers for Palletized goods

The integrated cargo stoppers allow these trailers to be used very versatile and enable us to load them with palletized goods too.

Automatic unloading

The trailers are equipped with an automatic unloading system that is powered through the truck. This allows for flexibility at any unloading place. The unloading process is very quick and takes up to 20 minutes without additional equipment.