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Using our modern refrigerated trailers, we offer a professional transportation service for temperature-sensitive goods such as fruit, vegetables, flowers, dairy products and other items. For the special transport of sensitive pharmaceuticals we provide qualified trucks, that meet the requirements of all GDP 2013.

To ensure a perfect temperature-controlled delivery we provide a telematic-system, that constantly monitors the temperature inside the trailer. Any temperature deviation can be corrected instantly. The trailers are loaded from the back. The cargo is secured by cargo stop bars. For security reasons, our refrigerated trailers are equipped with clamps that prevent tampering from third parties.

Our specialised team

We have teams that are specialised in the transport of food and of pharmaceuticals. They are trained to adhere to the highest standards and have excellent knowledge in the handling of refrigerated goods.

Technical Specifications

2650 mm

2465 mm

13310 mm

33-66 pallets

Areas of Application

Food and Beverages

We can transport everything, from fresh fruits, vegetables and meat to beverages. Our thermo trailers can be cooled and allow for the transport of perishable goods across Europe and Northern America. With our food grade liquid tankers, we can also transport most liquids like milk, syrup and beer. We support both retail and manufacturers with their logistic needs.


Thanks to our cooling capacities and our various certifications, we can transport ingredients and finished pharma products with our thermo trailers. Remote monitoring ensures, that the cooling is stable across the whole trip. We have dedicated drivers for pharmaceutics that are specifically trained in handling high value products and ingredients.



Our trailers are equipped with cutting-edge thermo calibration and a remote temperature monitoring system that allows us to access the temperature inside the trailer at any time and keep statistics of the temperature during transport. This ensures the safe transport of food and pharmaceuticals.