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Digitalisation is more important than ever. Especially in logistics, it is important to streamline and automate tasks and use technologies like artificial intelligence to optimise routes and improve efficiency.

Hegelmann Group is actively developing software solutions to stay ahead of outdated processes while also providing massive benefits to our customers through transparency and connections to their existing infrastructure. Through cutting-edge prognosis tools, we can reduce empty runs across our whole fleet and save both valuable time and reducing our carbon footprint.

Drivers App

Our drivers are equipped with tablets that allow them to view their routes, scan documents, record defects on the truck and communicate with their disposition department.

Scanning documents benefits both for the disponents as well as our customers. This leads to less paper waste and quicker reaction times for both sides.

In combination with the telemetric data that all trucks provide, the fleet department is also able to monitor the overall state of each truck. This way, they can schedule maintenance more easily and even order replacement parts before the truck arrives at the workshop. This reduces the downtime significantly.

Custom Warehouse Solutions

Our warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art inventory management and allow you to directly connect your existing management software to our warehouses through customized APIs.

Our Partners


With one of the industry-leading platforms for spot sales in the logistic sector, timocom is a valued partner and tightly integrated into our ERP system.

BPA Solutions

BPA Solutions provides us with new tools for version control, approvals and tailor-made software that is seemlessly integrated into our existing infrastructure.


Fleethand is a tracking solution for our trucks and trailers. It is tightly integrated into our ERP and allows us to monitor both location as well as telemtric data of our fleet.


With the future-proof ERP system provided by ABONA, we were able to transition into freight-forwarding 4.0 in all of our branches while providing and even better customer experience than ever before.