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Náš specializovaný vozový park nám umožňuje přepravovat širokou škálu různých typů vozidel. Díky více než 500 specializovaným nákladním vozům, na které lze naložit osobní automobily, dodávky, nákladní automobily, traktory a další vozidla, můžeme přepravit téměř všechny typy vozidel na trhu.

Všechna nákladní vozidla jsou vybavena špičkovým systémem sledování GPS.

Společnost UAB Hegelmann Autotransporte získala certifikát „Nejsilnější v Litvě 2023“. Tento certifikát je nejdéle platným potvrzením bonity v Litvě a je udělován různým společnostem od roku 2011. Vysoké hodnocení bonity dokládá, že podnik se rozvíjí udržitelným, odpovědným a konzistentním způsobem.

Car & Van transport

Our car & van trailers are able to load cars and large vehicles. Their higher loading capacity also allows for the loading of SUVs, chassis, vans, motorhomes and caravans. Their fast loading and unloading time and their flexibility allows them to lower transport costs for our customers.

Enclosed Car Carriers

We offer enclosed trailers for transporting high value vehicles such as prototypes, sports cars, show cars and other exclusive vehicles. These trailers provide highest protection for vehicles from bad weather, falling debris, rocks, mud, fluids and other hazards.

High and Heavy Carriers

Our specialised heavy trailers are able to carry trucks, tractors, SUVs and busses. Thanks to their „Kangoroo“ systems, trucks can be stacked in a zig-zag pattern, allowing the trailer to have a higher capacity while maintaining the same footprint as a regular truck.

Technical Specifications

Lazy Axle

GPS Tracking

Integrated Tablet

Low Cabin
Up to 7 Vehicles


Lazy Axle

Our trailers are equipped with an additional lazy axle that allows for more friction and a more stabilized ride with heavy loads. It allows better distribution of loads during transportation and does not overload the road surface.

Mercedes Benz Actros with Kässbohrer Metago Supertrans trailers

Both our trucks and our trailers are modified to perfectly complement each other. They are extremely reliable and thought-out allowing us to transport a wider range of vehicles than previous generation car transporters.

Built-in tablet for easier information transmission

An integrated tablet with access to a wide range of apps for monitoring and our ERP system allows the driver to get real-time updates and handle documents digitally.

Cut cabin (for increasing capacity)

The lower cabin height allows us to load an additional vehicle above the cabin.

Qualified, trained drivers

Our drivers have knowledge about loading requirements in factories. They are specifically trained in handling the loading and unloading of a wide range of vehicles and securing them correctly to avoid damages during transit

Integrated Equipment

Our trailers have all necessary equipment integrated. Hydraulics allow the easy handling of heavy vehicles and the integrated bays help drivers to be secured on the trailer while loading and unloading.

Get in touch with us

If you have any questions, requests or if you need further information, feel free to contact us.