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Hegelmann Group's "Mission Green" Initiative - Leading the Charge with Volvo FM 500 Electric Trucks in Germany

In the pursuit of sustainability and innovation within the logistics industry, Hegelmann Group Germany has embarked on a groundbreaking journey. As part of its „Mission Green” initiative, the company has integrated the Volvo FM 500 Electric Trucks into its fleet. This case study delves into the objectives, implementation, performance, and impact of deploying these electric trucks, marking a significant step towards reducing the company’s carbon footprint and leading the logistics sector toward a more sustainable future. 

Project Overview 

The Volvo FM 500 Electric Truck, known for its efficiency, reliability, and zero-emission operation, represents the forefront of green transportation solutions. Hegelmann Group’s decision to incorporate these trucks into its fleet for a fixed-route operation, which started on February 6th, with each truck covering 5,000 km monthly, signifies a bold move toward operational sustainability. This initiative underscores the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation. 

Operational Performance 

Efficiency and Reliability 

The operational efficiency of the Volvo FM 500 Electric Trucks has been exemplary. Compared to traditional diesel trucks, the electric trucks have demonstrated significant energy savings and reduced operational costs, without compromising on performance. Driver feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the superior handling, comfort, and overall driving experience of the electric trucks. 

Environmental Impact 

The transition to electric trucks has had a profound impact on Hegelmann Group’s carbon emissions. By replacing diesel trucks with Volvo FM 500 Electric models, the company has significantly reduced its CO2 emissions, aligning with its „Mission Green” initiative’s goals. This effort contributes to the broader sustainability targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and showcases Hegelmann Group’s role as an environmental leader in the logistics industry. 

Conclusion and Future Directions 

Hegelmann Group’s integration of Volvo FM 500 Electric Trucks into its fleet has been a landmark achievement in the „Mission Green” initiative. The project has demonstrated the environmental, operational, and economic benefits of adopting electric vehicles in logistics. Looking ahead, Hegelmann Group plans to expand its fleet of electric trucks, exploring additional routes and further innovations in green logistics. This initiative not only positions Hegelmann Group as a pioneer in sustainable transportation but also sets a new standard for the logistics industry at large. 

2000th MAN truck for Hegelmann Group

The Hegelmann Group was able to take delivery of its 2000th truck from the Munich-based commercial vehicle manufacturer at Hauser Schloss on the MAN Truck & Bus factory premises. Another 680 vehicles will follow.

  • Hegelmann Group receives 2000th truck from MAN
  • Another 680 vehicles to follow in the next few months
  • Hegelmann Group specializes in time-critical deliveries for the automotive, heavy goods and food industries

The Hegelmann Group is an internationally active transport service provider. The family-run company offers cross-industry standard, special and express transports and specializes in time-critical deliveries for the automotive, heavy-duty and food industries. To this end, Hegelmann has a fleet of more than 5,000 vehicles and employs around 8,500 people.

The 2,000th truck from MAN Truck & Bus has now been handed over in Munich. The vehicles recently handed over are mainly MAN 18.510 4×2 tractor units. A further delivery of around 680 vehicles to Hegelmann will follow in the next few months.

„We are very pleased about the enormous order from the transport service provider Hegelmann as well as the huge number of vehicles delivered over the last few years. This is proof of the strong partnership as well as the reliability, profitability and great driver orientation of our vehicles”

Christoph Huber
Chairman of the Executive Board of MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH, during the handover of the 2000th vehicle.

TuSimple Partners with Global Logistics Leader, Hegelmann Group

SAN DIEGO, July 19, 2022 – TuSimple (Nasdaq: TSP), a global autonomous driving technology company, has announced its partnership with Hegelmann Group, a major European transport and logistics provider, that operates a fleet of over 5,000 vehicles, including an initial reservation of purpose-built SAE Level 4 (L4) Autonomous International® Trucks for operation in North America.  The trucks will be equipped with TuSimple’s advanced autonomous driving system and will be based on a world-class global vehicle platform developed by Navistar.

Hegelmann’s partnership with TuSimple signals the symbiotic path of both partners to offer innovative solutions that address the ongoing driver shortage while lowering greenhouse gas emissions and improving vehicle and environmental safety. Hegelmann’s reservation of factory-production units with TuSimple technology is a primary action in developing a new state-of-the-art logistics network in North America called the TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network (AFN). Early studies show that autonomous trucks in this type of network have the potential to reduce fuel consumption for middle mile transportation.

„TuSimple’s innovations will elevate our ability to compete and prosper in the North American market and are analogous to our stated objective to become a global logistics technology adopter,” said Andrew Jasinskas, Business Development Project Manager – Hegelmann USA. „Undoubtedly autonomous trucks with TuSimple technology are the future of transportation, and Hegelmann’s strategy is to likewise be a standard bearer for innovations that push safety and efficiency to the next era of logistics excellence.”

„We are pleased to add Hegelmann to our rapidly growing fleet partners who wish to adopt, integrate, and scale SAE L4 truck operation in the United States,” said Lee White, Vice President of Strategy. „Hegelmann chose TuSimple as their autonomous vehicle technology partner due to TuSimple’s leadership in the rapidly approaching full-commercialization of autonomous vehicles.”

TuSimple demonstrated its leadership with the industry’s first Driver Out (no human intervention or operator) runs in 2021 which the company plans to continue through 2022 as it prepares for full commercialization. TuSimple’s Driver Out pilot program is the product of a year and a half of work to co-develop a L4 autonomous Class 8 vehicle with Navistar to demonstrate the level of redundancy, reliability, consistency, and safety necessary to remove the driver from the truck.

By the end of 2023, TuSimple plans to carry paid freight operations in high-density freight lanes in the southern US. Driver-out runs have been critical in scaling autonomous trucking operations on the TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network. 

Videos of TuSimple’s Driver Out operations can be found [here].

TuSimple’s Safety Case for Driver Out operations can be found [here].

About Hegelmann Group
The Hegelmann Group was founded in 1998 in Germany. The company has established many branches and has become a transcontinental, international company on a professional high level. On the basis of more than 24 years of experience, owned fleet of more than 5000 transport units, and the resulting know-how, the company provides a wide range of logistic solutions where the customer can be on the pulse of the service. The company offers customers temperature-controlled transport, standard, special, intermodal and non-stop express transport, providing solutions for a wide spectrum of different requests. These include heavy-lift transports, transports of dangerous goods, transporting consolidated cargo, and grouped cargo. The Hegelmann Group never loses a focus on the environment and economy by enhancing sustainable growth and development step by step. Visit for more information.

About TuSimple

TuSimple is a leader in global (SAE  Level 4) autonomous driving technology for long-haul heavy-duty trucks headquartered in San Diego, California, with operations in Arizona, Texas, Europe, and China. In 2021, TuSimple became the world’s first autonomous trucking company to successfully complete a fully autonomous, ‘driver out’ semi-truck run on open public roads without a human in the vehicle or any human intervention. The company also created the very first autonomous trucking lane in the U.S. TuSimple plans to scale its autonomous commercial freight operations on its TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network (AFN).  Visit us at

SOURCE TuSimple Holdings, Inc.

"Hegelmann Group" prisijungia prie IRU ir skatina tvarios logistikos inovacijas

Vokietijoje įsikūrusi tarptautinė logistikos bendrovė „Hegelmann Group” prisijungė prie IRU, kad paremtų savo vykdomas ekologiškas iniciatyvas ir skatintų bei dirbtų platesniame pramonės sektoriuje tvaraus transporto ir logistikos srityje.

Išsamesnės informacijos rasite čia.

"Hegelmann Group" plečiasi į JAV

Tarptautinė transporto ir logistikos bendrovė pradeda veiklą Šiaurės Amerikoje kaip „Hegelmann USA”. Čikagoje įsikūrusi būstinė transporto ir logistikos paslaugas pradės teikti kitų metų sausio pradžioje. Per pirmuosius trejus metus į naujojo JAV padalinio plėtrą planuojama investuoti apie dešimt milijonų eurų. Ateityje „Hegelmann” planuoja atverti daugiau Šiaurės ir Centrinės Amerikos rinkų. Pirmasis tikslas bus Kanada. Planuojama tęsti augimą tarptautiniu mastu. Pirmaisiais metais JAV bus sukurta mažiausiai 15 naujų darbo vietų. Iš pradžių parką sudarys dešimt standartinių sunkvežimių. Vėliau parkas bus papildytas SGD arba elektra varomais sunkvežimiais. „Jau svarstėme galimybę iki 2019 m. pabaigos plėstis į JAV. Norime tapti pasauline organizacija, teikiančia paslaugas Europos, Šiaurės Amerikos ir Azijos žemynuose. Tikime, kad sunkiai ir sąžiningai dirbdami galime tapti sėkmingu, ambicingu ir nuolat augančiu žaidėju JAV ir Šiaurės Amerikos rinkose”, – aiškina Andrew Jasinskas, „Hegelmann Group” verslo plėtros vadovas, atsakingas už plėtrą JAV. „Hegelmann” jau turi ryšių su JAV rinka. „Mes siūlome logistikos paslaugas savo partneriams iš Amerikos Europoje, todėl jau dabar turime gerus ryšius”, – sako A. Jasinskas. Pirmaisiais plėtros metais „Hegelmann” planuoja investuoti apie du milijonus eurų į strateginę plėtrą ir veiklą. Antraisiais ir trečiaisiais metais planuojama investuoti dar aštuonis milijonus eurų. Be kita ko, planuojama įsigyti „sausakrūvių” priekabų, šiluminių priekabų, platformų, silosinių ir autovežių priekabų. „Norime labai greitai JAV pasiūlyti tokį patį paslaugų asortimentą kaip ir Europoje. Esame pasaulinė ir galinga įmonė”, – apibendrina A. Jasinskas. Apsilankykite mūsų puslapyje JAV Visit our US page

"Hegelmann Group" įsigijo SGD varomų sunkvežimių

„Hegelmann Group” įsigijo penkis suskystintomis gamtinėmis dujomis (SGD) varomus sunkvežimius. Šie sunkvežimiai ne tik sumažins taršą, bet ir prisidės prie įmonės veiklos efektyvumo. Tikimasi, kad iki 2025 m. jie sudarys ne mažiau kaip 20 proc. viso bendrovės transporto priemonių parko, kurį šiuo metu sudaro apie 4 000 sunkvežimių.

Žengdama ekologijos link, bendrovė taip pat siekia atkreipti dėmesį į dėl sausros ir klimato kaitos Europoje kylančią miškų problemą ir planuoja Europoje pasodinti 7 000 medžių – tiek jų pasodins „Hegelmann Group” darbuotojai.

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