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Hegelmann Group's "Mission Green" Initiative - Leading the Charge with Volvo FM 500 Electric Trucks in Germany

In the pursuit of sustainability and innovation within the logistics industry, Hegelmann Group Germany has embarked on a groundbreaking journey. As part of its „Mission Green” initiative, the company has integrated the Volvo FM 500 Electric Trucks into its fleet. This case study delves into the objectives, implementation, performance, and impact of deploying these electric trucks, marking a significant step towards reducing the company’s carbon footprint and leading the logistics sector toward a more sustainable future. 

Project Overview 

The Volvo FM 500 Electric Truck, known for its efficiency, reliability, and zero-emission operation, represents the forefront of green transportation solutions. Hegelmann Group’s decision to incorporate these trucks into its fleet for a fixed-route operation, which started on February 6th, with each truck covering 5,000 km monthly, signifies a bold move toward operational sustainability. This initiative underscores the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation. 

Operational Performance 

Efficiency and Reliability 

The operational efficiency of the Volvo FM 500 Electric Trucks has been exemplary. Compared to traditional diesel trucks, the electric trucks have demonstrated significant energy savings and reduced operational costs, without compromising on performance. Driver feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the superior handling, comfort, and overall driving experience of the electric trucks. 

Environmental Impact 

The transition to electric trucks has had a profound impact on Hegelmann Group’s carbon emissions. By replacing diesel trucks with Volvo FM 500 Electric models, the company has significantly reduced its CO2 emissions, aligning with its „Mission Green” initiative’s goals. This effort contributes to the broader sustainability targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and showcases Hegelmann Group’s role as an environmental leader in the logistics industry. 

Conclusion and Future Directions 

Hegelmann Group’s integration of Volvo FM 500 Electric Trucks into its fleet has been a landmark achievement in the „Mission Green” initiative. The project has demonstrated the environmental, operational, and economic benefits of adopting electric vehicles in logistics. Looking ahead, Hegelmann Group plans to expand its fleet of electric trucks, exploring additional routes and further innovations in green logistics. This initiative not only positions Hegelmann Group as a pioneer in sustainable transportation but also sets a new standard for the logistics industry at large. 

Hegelmann Hub: A home on the road for truck drivers

Right at the Polish-German border, near the A4 and DK94, the Hegelmann Hub has been established. Located in Żarska Wieś near Zgorzelec, this investment is more than just a base for trucks. It’s a comprehensive truck complex offering a wide range of services that meet all the needs of professional drivers and the transport companies they represent.

All services at one place

ht trucks and parts in Zarska wies

On the road, a driver needs parking, solid rest, and good food. Those are basic needs. Hegelmann Hub is not just a spacious TIR parking, but also offers comfortable accommodation, delicious food at the restaurant, as well as a modern workshop and tachograph service (provided by Tacho24).

The HT Trucks & Parts workshop, covering an area of 13 000 m², also includes a Regional Vehicle Inspection Station, a paint shop, and bodywork services for all types of trucks and trailers. The team of experienced mechanics ensures high-quality implementation of all repairs, inspections, diagnostics, and vehicle maintenance.

The paint shop located here is adapted for painting long vehicles, with the capability to handle elements up to 40 meters long. This modern auto port also offers a modern car wash capable of thoroughly cleaning both the exterior and interior parts of vehicles.

A home on the road comes with responsibilities

The Hegelmann Hub has spacious, monitored, and guarded parking lots that can accommodate 850 trucks. Over 750 sleeping places are waiting for drivers at the Training and Accommodation Centre, along with access to kitchens, professional gyms, and luggage storage. This centre also includes laundries and kitchens for self-catering. There is also an option to dine at the restaurant.

Adrian Koziorowski – Head of Branch, HT Trucks & Parts, managing the Hegelmann Hub complex

„We are prepared and open to receive all types of tractors and trailers. What was crucial in the design of the complex is that during equipment servicing, the driver can properly rest and rejuvenate before continuing his/her journey. Such an approach, focusing on proper service for our clients and the strategic location near the Polish-German border, encourages more and more companies and drivers to take a break at our base,” explains Adrian Koziorowski, Head of Branch, HT Trucks & Parts, managing the Hegelmann Hub complex.

Recently, Hegelmann joined the „Direction: Respect” project by the Truckers Life Foundation, aimed at improving working conditions for drivers. Besides verifying the quality of loading sites, it is also an educational platform for the entire TSL sector. It supports a culture of mutual respect and understanding among all participants in the supply chain. The Hegelmann Hub has been marked as a truck driver-friendly location. For more information please contact us.

Hegelmann Group Lithuania has been certified as a Top Employer

Hegelmann Group Lithuania has been certified as a „Top Employer” for the third year in a row and was evaluated for its leadership

Hegelmann Group in Lithuania has earned the prestigious rating of „Top Employer Lietuva” for the third year in a row for exceptionally good working and development conditions.

During the „Top Employer” audit, the certificate was awarded to six Hegelmann Group companies: UAB „Hegelmann Transporte”, UAB „Hegelmann Logistics”, UAB „Hegelmann Special Transporte”, UAB „Hegelmann Autotransporte”, UADBB „H Brokers” and UAB „HT Ferry” Service”.

„Earning this certificate three times in a row is not only an assessment, but also an obligation to maintain good practices and continue to improve,” says Tomas Jurgelevičius, UAB Hegelmann Transporte General Director. – Our philosophy is to strive for perfection, so we follow it and make sure that employees feel good and reveal their full professional potential. We are proud that these efforts have been so well received.”

The globally recognized „Top Employers Institute” certificate was awarded to Hegelmann Group after an in-depth audit lasting half a year. It covered six HR areas and 20 topics. The company achieved maximum marks in the areas of business strategy, leadership, talent attraction, as well as purpose and values ​​and ethics and integrity. To date, more than 2.2 thousand people have received the „Top Employer” certificate within organizations in 122 countries worldwide.

Leadership is important

Hegelmann Group was founded in Germany in 1998 as a family business and was actively expanding all the time. Today it operates throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. The companies of the group have been operating in Lithuania since 2004, currently they employ over 700 administrative employees.

According to T. Jurgelevičius, the multicultural team of Hegelmann Group in Lithuania is joined by both Lithuanians who have returned from abroad and brought international experience, as well as foreigners studying in Lithuania who want to apply their knowledge and realize themselves, have opportunities to improve.

„The transport sector is extremely dynamic, so we value our employees,” he says. – We are especially happy when they grow together with us, so we try to offer challenges that match everyone’s competencies.”

Many leaders of the Hegelmann Group have grown up within the company, having started their careers as trainees or managers. Some employees have been working in the company since company opened in Lithuania.

„I came to work at one of the Hegelmann Group companies as a fleet manager a little more than three years ago,” about his carrier says Karolis Tautkevičius, who currently holds the position of Chief Digital Officer (CDO). „Colleagues noticed and appreciated my contribution to the digitalization of fleet processes, so I received the encouragement of shareholders to take leadership in this area on a company-wide scale.”

Vaidilė Taučikaitė, who is currently the Team Leader of the Marketing and Communication department in Lithuania, says that she was interested in the opportunity to work here while she was still studying and that she persistently pursued her goal for several years.

„Finally, while still studying, I was accepted for practice, and a month later they invited me to join the team. I did not expect to be noticed so quickly in such a large international company. I think that determination, perseverance and the fact that together with the team and managers we can create interesting projects helped me to pursue my career”, she says.

Tunisian spouses Feten Ben Abdesslem and Mohamed Salah Ben Farhat, currently working at UAB “Hegelmann Transporte”, are not only happy with the opportunity to work as a family in the same workplace, but also try to contribute to positive changes as ambassadors. 4 out of 9 ambassador team members in Lithuania are from other countries.

„I joined Hegelmann in 2020. and from the first day I felt as a part of the company, I learned a lot and received a lot of support from all my colleagues, I can grow here not only as a person, but also in my career. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to invite my wife Feten to work with me,” says M. S. Ben Farhat, Team Lead of one of the sales teams.

Values ​​and communication

According to Human Resources Manager in Lithuania Rūta Norkūnaitė, after the Top Employers Institute audit, the company received detailed insights that will help it continue to improve. „Participating in the Top Employers Institute certification program has given us a broader view of global HR best practices. Based on them and listening to the needs of our employees, we will consistently adhere to our commitment to ensure well-being and professional development. We can be happy that while growing and operating in a particularly dynamic sector, we stably maintain exceptionally good working conditions,” she said. Taking into account the cultivation of the company’s values, a system has been implemented to evaluate employees who receive the most positive feedback from customers, partners or suppliers.

Constant communication within the company is also ensured, newsletters are shared, and events involving employees from different cultures are organized. People who seek professional self-realization and achieve results have every opportunity to develop and grow at the Hegelmann Group.

Introducing Hegelmann Hub Poland: Redefining Transport Solutions

Hegelmann Group is proud to announce the latest addition to its portfolio, the Hegelmann Hub Poland. This one-of-a-kind investment in the country takes our commitment to the transportation sector to new heights, providing a holistic solution for drivers, carriers, and their vehicles.

The Hegelmann Hub Poland isn’t just a hub for transport operations; it’s a haven for our drivers and carriers. Beyond offering comprehensive services for shippers and vehicles, it provides a space for relaxation with its own hotel and ample parking facilities. Our operations center stands as a testament to our dedication, employing over 400 professionals to ensure unparalleled service.

Facilities and Services at a Glance:

  • Office Space: A hub for administrative operations and strategic planning.
  • Training and Accommodation Center: Tailored to the unique needs of drivers, offering them a comfortable place to rest and rejuvenate.
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Services: With a sprawling 7,000 square meter truck service area, drivers have access to a workshop, diagnostic facility, paintwork center, and a car wash suitable for trucks, vans, and cars. The workshop also houses the District Vehicle Inspection Station and Tachograph Service.
  • Warehouse: An expansive storage area for spare parts and tires to ensure minimal downtime for vehicles.

At the heart of the Hegelmann Hub Poland is our team. Leveraging the vast experience of the HT Trucks & Parts mechanics and backed by state-of-the-art equipment, we guarantee quality across repairs, inspections, diagnostics, and maintenance.

Experience the future of transport solutions with Hegelmann Hub Poland – where service excellence meets comfort. For more information please contact us.

Hegelmann Group is one of the most dynamically developing transport company in Europe

25 years ago, three brothers decided to set up a transport company, starting their business with two used tractor units. Today, Hegelmann Group is one of the most dynamically developing transport groups in Europe. Hegelmann Poland companies have been operating in Poland for 13 years.

Due to its location, our country has always played an important role in international trade and transport. It is no different in the context of the importance of Polish companies for the development of the entire Hegelmann Group. The scale of operations is evidenced by the fact that in Poland, over 1,000 office and service employees are employed to service the operations of the companies to deliver clients’ loads using their own 2100 trucks and over 1,500 semi-trailers.

Such a large team is needed to meet the requirements of our clients from various industries: automotive, food, chemical, FMCG, industrial production and factories, e-commerce, trade, electronics and pharmacy. These are only examples of the largest business groups with which Hegelmann cooperates throughout the European Union.

“- Each past year has presented us with difficult challenges. 2023 promises to be no different. However, I believe that thanks to our great team, business environment, our partners and business strategy, we are able to meet them. This year our group celebrates 25 years of existence, which coincides with the opening of one of our key investments in Poland – Hegelmann Hub in Żarska Wieś. I am glad that such a great jubilee will be marked in history by the opening of our modern transport base” – says Fedir Yurkevych, president of Hegelmann Poland.

An extensive base is being built in Żarska Wieś near Zgorzelec, which will provide services of a high standard, ensuring safe driving and comfortable rest for drivers. The Hegelmann Hub complex consists of office space, a hotel offering accommodation adapted to the needs of drivers, a workshop and vehicle diagnostic station, a paint shop, a car wash adapted to the dimensions of trucks and a warehouse for spare parts and tires.

Although finishing works are still underway in part of the facility, the company belonging to the group, HT Trucks & Parts, operating in this area, has opened its doors to Hegelmann trucks and other companies, not only cooperating with the company on a daily basis. All types of vehicles are serviced here, from passenger cars, through delivery vans to full service of trucks.

An equally important aspect as business growth is its quality expressed in activities related to sustainable development. Hegelmann Poland has 160 trucks powered by LNG and CNG in its fleet. Intermodal services are also being developed that reduce the carbon footprint, but at the same time are an interesting alternative for customers. In the case of taking care of the environment, it is also important that the Hegelmann Poland fleet operates tractors with an average age of 2-3 years, which is not without significance in the context of striving to reduce environmental pollution.

Hegelmann Group partners with carbon accounting specialists Emitwise to accelerate carbon neutral transition

The multinational heavy asset carrier Hegelmann is working with Emitwise, the carbon accounting platform, to increase the accuracy of their emission data to enable carbon reduction.

Founded in 1998, the Hegelmann Group have offered a wide range of transport and logistics services for nearly 25 years, serving customers from practically every industry,engineering and manufacturing, pharma and healthcare, consumer and fresh food ,electronics and high value.

The sector, responsible for around 11% of global emissions, has increasingly been under pressure to reduce its carbon footprint.

In response, Hegelmann launched its Mission Green programme in 2021 to become carbon neutral by 2045. So far, its focus has been switching to renewable energy and transitioning its large fleet to greener options. 

Andreas Schmidt, CEO of Hegelmann Express GmbH, states, “Effective emissions monitoring in the transportation logistics industry not only increases accountability and transparency, but also allows businesses to identify areas for improvement and implement carbon-cutting strategies. The industry can work toward a more sustainable future and play an important role in mitigating the effects of climate change by tracking and adjusting emissions on a regular basis. It’s also phenomenal to be on this journey with Emitwise.”    

However, to accelerate their transition, Hegelmann needs accurate and transparent data to drive business decisions. Emitwise’s carbon accounting platform is renowned for its granular approach to calculating emissions across all three scopes. This level of accuracy substantiates the steps Hegelmann will take to achieve its low-carbon targets. 

„It’s fantastic to work with companies that understand the importance of digitalizing their carbon strategies,” states Mauro Cozzi, CEO and Co-founder of Emitwise. „Hegelmann has ambitious reduction targets, and they can only achieve the accuracy needed to make decisions and confidently take action through technology. Logistics sit at the heart of every global supply chain, and we’re thrilled that lowering Hegelmann’s emissions will significantly reduce those of their customers too.

For media enquiries, contact or

About Hegelmann Group

Hegelmann Group is a leading European logistics and transportation company. Since its inception in 1998, the company has grown to operate in European countries and the United States in recent years., providing a variety of services such as road, intermodal, sea, and air freight, as well as warehousing and customs clearance. Hegelmann Group is known for providing high-quality services and innovative solutions to its clients’ changing needs. The company takes pride in its dedication to sustainability and lowering its carbon footprint through the use of environmentally friendly technologies and practices.

About Emitwise

Emitwise is the carbon management platform for manufacturing businesses and supply chains across industries to confidently understand, track and reduce their carbon footprint. Emitwise combines 100 years of carbon accounting experience and machine learning technology to accelerate the climate action of the third most carbon-intensive industry globally. By increasing the accuracy of scope 3 emissions, the platform empowers companies with complex manufacturing supply chains to make carbon-led business decisions that lower risk, increase profitability, and deliver ambitious climate action.

Hegelmann installs electric car charging stations

4 new electric car charging stations with 8 access points have been installed in the parking lot of Hegelmann main office in Kaunas. UAB Hegelmann Transporte has received EUR 5,604.62 funding from the project „Privačių elektromobilių įkrovimo prieigų įrengimas” by Lithuanian Energy Agency announced invitation “Juridinių asmenų privačių elektromobilių įkrovimo prieigų įrengimas darbovietėse“.

The joint project was financed by Economic Revitalization and Resilience Enhancement Fund under the „Naujos kartos Lietuva” plan.

charging points

2000th MAN truck for Hegelmann Group

The Hegelmann Group was able to take delivery of its 2000th truck from the Munich-based commercial vehicle manufacturer at Hauser Schloss on the MAN Truck & Bus factory premises. Another 680 vehicles will follow.

  • Hegelmann Group receives 2000th truck from MAN
  • Another 680 vehicles to follow in the next few months
  • Hegelmann Group specializes in time-critical deliveries for the automotive, heavy goods and food industries

The Hegelmann Group is an internationally active transport service provider. The family-run company offers cross-industry standard, special and express transports and specializes in time-critical deliveries for the automotive, heavy-duty and food industries. To this end, Hegelmann has a fleet of more than 5,000 vehicles and employs around 8,500 people.

The 2,000th truck from MAN Truck & Bus has now been handed over in Munich. The vehicles recently handed over are mainly MAN 18.510 4×2 tractor units. A further delivery of around 680 vehicles to Hegelmann will follow in the next few months.

„We are very pleased about the enormous order from the transport service provider Hegelmann as well as the huge number of vehicles delivered over the last few years. This is proof of the strong partnership as well as the reliability, profitability and great driver orientation of our vehicles”

Christoph Huber
Chairman of the Executive Board of MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH, during the handover of the 2000th vehicle.

TuSimple Partners with Global Logistics Leader, Hegelmann Group

SAN DIEGO, July 19, 2022 – TuSimple (Nasdaq: TSP), a global autonomous driving technology company, has announced its partnership with Hegelmann Group, a major European transport and logistics provider, that operates a fleet of over 5,000 vehicles, including an initial reservation of purpose-built SAE Level 4 (L4) Autonomous International® Trucks for operation in North America.  The trucks will be equipped with TuSimple’s advanced autonomous driving system and will be based on a world-class global vehicle platform developed by Navistar.

Hegelmann’s partnership with TuSimple signals the symbiotic path of both partners to offer innovative solutions that address the ongoing driver shortage while lowering greenhouse gas emissions and improving vehicle and environmental safety. Hegelmann’s reservation of factory-production units with TuSimple technology is a primary action in developing a new state-of-the-art logistics network in North America called the TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network (AFN). Early studies show that autonomous trucks in this type of network have the potential to reduce fuel consumption for middle mile transportation.

„TuSimple’s innovations will elevate our ability to compete and prosper in the North American market and are analogous to our stated objective to become a global logistics technology adopter,” said Andrew Jasinskas, Business Development Project Manager – Hegelmann USA. „Undoubtedly autonomous trucks with TuSimple technology are the future of transportation, and Hegelmann’s strategy is to likewise be a standard bearer for innovations that push safety and efficiency to the next era of logistics excellence.”

„We are pleased to add Hegelmann to our rapidly growing fleet partners who wish to adopt, integrate, and scale SAE L4 truck operation in the United States,” said Lee White, Vice President of Strategy. „Hegelmann chose TuSimple as their autonomous vehicle technology partner due to TuSimple’s leadership in the rapidly approaching full-commercialization of autonomous vehicles.”

TuSimple demonstrated its leadership with the industry’s first Driver Out (no human intervention or operator) runs in 2021 which the company plans to continue through 2022 as it prepares for full commercialization. TuSimple’s Driver Out pilot program is the product of a year and a half of work to co-develop a L4 autonomous Class 8 vehicle with Navistar to demonstrate the level of redundancy, reliability, consistency, and safety necessary to remove the driver from the truck.

By the end of 2023, TuSimple plans to carry paid freight operations in high-density freight lanes in the southern US. Driver-out runs have been critical in scaling autonomous trucking operations on the TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network. 

Videos of TuSimple’s Driver Out operations can be found [here].

TuSimple’s Safety Case for Driver Out operations can be found [here].

About Hegelmann Group
The Hegelmann Group was founded in 1998 in Germany. The company has established many branches and has become a transcontinental, international company on a professional high level. On the basis of more than 24 years of experience, owned fleet of more than 5000 transport units, and the resulting know-how, the company provides a wide range of logistic solutions where the customer can be on the pulse of the service. The company offers customers temperature-controlled transport, standard, special, intermodal and non-stop express transport, providing solutions for a wide spectrum of different requests. These include heavy-lift transports, transports of dangerous goods, transporting consolidated cargo, and grouped cargo. The Hegelmann Group never loses a focus on the environment and economy by enhancing sustainable growth and development step by step. Visit for more information.

About TuSimple

TuSimple is a leader in global (SAE  Level 4) autonomous driving technology for long-haul heavy-duty trucks headquartered in San Diego, California, with operations in Arizona, Texas, Europe, and China. In 2021, TuSimple became the world’s first autonomous trucking company to successfully complete a fully autonomous, ‘driver out’ semi-truck run on open public roads without a human in the vehicle or any human intervention. The company also created the very first autonomous trucking lane in the U.S. TuSimple plans to scale its autonomous commercial freight operations on its TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network (AFN).  Visit us at

SOURCE TuSimple Holdings, Inc.

Hegelmann skatina skaitmeninimą kartu su BPA Solutions

Svarbus „Hegelmann Group” ramstis yra mūsų procesų skaitmeninimas. Dėl plataus įvairių logistikos sektoriaus paslaugų portfelio mūsų veiklai būtini individualūs programinės įrangos sprendimai.

Kartu su naujuoju partneriu „BPA Solutions” kuriame naujus programinės įrangos sprendimus, kurie sklandžiai integruojami su mūsų ERP ir „Microsoft” komandomis. Nuo 2001 m. „BPA Solutions” siūlo individualius „SharePoint” ir „Microsoft Office” programinės įrangos sprendimus. Naudodami „BPA Solution Builder” galime greičiau ir patikimiau įgyvendinti naujus projektus ir dar labiau pagerinti savo darbuotojų ir klientų naudotojų patirtį.

Svarbus etapas buvo dokumentų valdymas kokybės užtikrinimui. Čia daugiausia dėmesio buvo skiriama mūsų procesų pertvarkymui į laipsnišką formų ir kitų dokumentų versijų kūrimą. Dėl nuolat besikeičiančių logistikos sąlygų, įskaitant teisės aktų pakeitimus, pavyzdžiui, Europos Sąjungos mobilumo paketo įvedimą, formas ir procesus būtina reguliariai pritaikyti prie naujų sąlygų. Be to, „BPA Solutions” sukurtas dokumentų valdymas leidžia supaprastinti darbuotojų, vadovų ir generalinių direktorių patvirtinimo procesus. Tai leidžia mums užtikrintai ir greitai reaguoti į pokyčius ir atitinkamai optimizuoti ankstesnius procesus.

Be to, „BPA Solutions” leidžia mums kurti e. mokymosi testus ir stebėti darbuotojų rezultatus, kad supaprastintume skaitmeninį mokymą ir pagerintume mokymosi patirtį.

Šveicarijos įmonė siūlo aukšto lygio lankstumą ir kokybę. Dėl integracijos su „SharePoint” naujieji moduliai sklandžiai įsilieja į mūsų esamą verslo procesą. Ateityje ir toliau bendradarbiausime su „BPA Solutions” vykdydami panašius projektus.

Hegelmann sujungia ERP su TIMOCOM sistema

„Hegelmann Express GmbH” remiasi skaitmeniniais sprendimais, kad optimizuotų savo procesus. Sąsaja gali sutaupyti daug laiko darbo procesuose, o tai reiškia, kad darbuotojus galima paskirstyti dar efektyviau.

Būdama tarptautiniu mastu veikianti transporto paslaugų teikėja, „Hegelmann Express GmbH” susiduria su iššūkiu, kaip su kiekvienu pervežimu laikytis paskirto pristatymo laiko, nes gabenant krovinius viskas turi sklandžiai veikti, kad kroviniai patikimai pasiektų paskirties vietą. Dėl šios priežasties ir siekdami dar efektyviau įgyvendinti klientų pageidavimus, nuolat kruopščiai tikriname ir tobuliname visus tiekimo grandinės procesus. Juk laikas yra pinigai, o klaidos, kurių galima išvengti, sukelia nereikalingų išlaidų. Dėl šios priežasties visada ieškome būdų ir priemonių, kaip racionalizuoti ir optimizuoti darbo eigą.

Vienas iš iššūkių mums, kaip šeimos įmonei, yra integruoti įvairius skaitmeninius sprendimus į savo aplinką. Siekdami išspręsti šią problemą, dabar intensyviau bendradarbiaujame su krovinių vežimo technologijų įmone TIMOCOM ir ERP paslaugų teikėja ABONA.

Daugiau informacijos rasite adresu

"Hegelmann Group" prisijungia prie IRU ir skatina tvarios logistikos inovacijas

Vokietijoje įsikūrusi tarptautinė logistikos bendrovė „Hegelmann Group” prisijungė prie IRU, kad paremtų savo vykdomas ekologiškas iniciatyvas ir skatintų bei dirbtų platesniame pramonės sektoriuje tvaraus transporto ir logistikos srityje.

Išsamesnės informacijos rasite čia.

"Hegelmann" Lenkijoje stato pirmąjį sunkvežimių vairuotojų aptarnavimo centrą

2021 m. liepos 14 d. statybvietės teritorijoje buvo padėtas kertinis akmuo: Hegelmann” grupės partneriai Siegfriedas Hegelmannas ir Antonas Hegelmannas buvo tarp statybvietės dalyvių. (Nuotrauka: Hegelmann)
  • Šalies pietvakariuose, netoli sienos, statomas naujas centras
  • Logistikos įmonė reaguoja į mobilumo paketų reikalavimus
  • Išsami transporto priemonių ir vairuotojų aptarnavimo zona
Bruchsal/Żarska Wieś (Lenkija), 2021 m. liepos 16 d. – „Hegelmann Group” stato pirmąjį Lenkijoje sunkvežimių vairuotojų centrą. Unikalus šalyje projektas statomas Žarska Višo mieste (Żarska Wieś), Lenkijos pietvakariuose, netoli Vokietijos sienos, kiek mažesniame nei dvylikos hektarų plote. Be išsamių paslaugų ekspeditoriams ir transporto priemonėms, operacijų centre taip pat yra nuosavas viešbutis ir didelė automobilių stovėjimo aikštelė. Tai taip pat yra tarptautinės transporto ir logistikos bendrovės atsakas į padidėjusius reikalavimus, kylančius dėl naujų ES reglamentų ir mobilumo paketo. Iki šiol investicijos siekė apie 22 mln. eurų. Planuojama, kad kompleksas, kuris bus nuosekliai plečiamas, bus atidarytas 2022 m. viduryje. „Įrengdami šį centrą kuriame optimalų paslaugų kompleksą, pritaikytą mūsų vairuotojų ir darbuotojų poreikiams. Be to, juo padedame mažesnėms krovinių vežimo įmonėms įgyvendinti mobilumo paketo reikalavimus, – sako „Hegelmann Group” akcininkas Siegfriedas Hegelmannas. Hegelmann yra pirmoji transporto ir logistikos pramonės įmonė, Lenkijoje įkūrusi integruotą operacijų centrą. Teritorija suskirstyta į kelias zonas: Maždaug 7 000 kvadratinių metrų ploto sunkvežimių aptarnavimo zonoje yra dirbtuvės, diagnostikos punktas, dažymo cechas ir sunkvežimių plovykla. Be to, yra beveik 6 000 kv. m atsarginių dalių ir padangų sandėlis. „Visas paslaugų spektras leidžia mums optimizuoti remonto laiką ir užtikrinti efektyvią veiklą”, – sako Hegelmannas. Ateityje čia planuojama pastatyti dar vieną atskirą logistikos kompleksą ir sandėliavimo centrą. Be nuosavų biuro patalpų, didžiuliame sklype yra dar apie 60 biurų išorės įmonėms. Išplėstoje bazėje taip pat yra viešbutis su daugiau kaip 750 lovų. Iš Europos maršrutų grįžtantys vairuotojai čia galės praleisti privalomą poilsio laiką. Dar vienas „Hegelmann” centro privalumas – atskiros aukštos kokybės komercinės patalpos, skirtos verslo partneriams, ekspeditoriams ir kitoms transporto įmonėms. Aplink biurus, viešbutį, aptarnavimo zonas ir sandėlius esančiose erdviose automobilių stovėjimo aikštelėse taip pat telpa 220 sunkvežimių ir 450 lengvųjų automobilių. „Hegelmann Hub” Lenkijoje – tai transporto bazė, kuri daugeliu atžvilgių pritaikyta optimaliam darbui”, – sako Hegelmann. 2022 m. viduryje atidarytas „Hegelmann Hub” Lenkijoje taip pat turės teigiamą poveikį regionui. Tikimasi, kad pačiame operacijų centre dirbs apie 200 žmonių. Kitas darbo vietas sukurs mūsų verslo partneriai ir kitos įmonės, – sako Hegelmannas.

"Hegelmann Group" plečiasi į JAV

Tarptautinė transporto ir logistikos bendrovė pradeda veiklą Šiaurės Amerikoje kaip „Hegelmann USA”. Čikagoje įsikūrusi būstinė transporto ir logistikos paslaugas pradės teikti kitų metų sausio pradžioje. Per pirmuosius trejus metus į naujojo JAV padalinio plėtrą planuojama investuoti apie dešimt milijonų eurų. Ateityje „Hegelmann” planuoja atverti daugiau Šiaurės ir Centrinės Amerikos rinkų. Pirmasis tikslas bus Kanada. Planuojama tęsti augimą tarptautiniu mastu. Pirmaisiais metais JAV bus sukurta mažiausiai 15 naujų darbo vietų. Iš pradžių parką sudarys dešimt standartinių sunkvežimių. Vėliau parkas bus papildytas SGD arba elektra varomais sunkvežimiais. „Jau svarstėme galimybę iki 2019 m. pabaigos plėstis į JAV. Norime tapti pasauline organizacija, teikiančia paslaugas Europos, Šiaurės Amerikos ir Azijos žemynuose. Tikime, kad sunkiai ir sąžiningai dirbdami galime tapti sėkmingu, ambicingu ir nuolat augančiu žaidėju JAV ir Šiaurės Amerikos rinkose”, – aiškina Andrew Jasinskas, „Hegelmann Group” verslo plėtros vadovas, atsakingas už plėtrą JAV. „Hegelmann” jau turi ryšių su JAV rinka. „Mes siūlome logistikos paslaugas savo partneriams iš Amerikos Europoje, todėl jau dabar turime gerus ryšius”, – sako A. Jasinskas. Pirmaisiais plėtros metais „Hegelmann” planuoja investuoti apie du milijonus eurų į strateginę plėtrą ir veiklą. Antraisiais ir trečiaisiais metais planuojama investuoti dar aštuonis milijonus eurų. Be kita ko, planuojama įsigyti „sausakrūvių” priekabų, šiluminių priekabų, platformų, silosinių ir autovežių priekabų. „Norime labai greitai JAV pasiūlyti tokį patį paslaugų asortimentą kaip ir Europoje. Esame pasaulinė ir galinga įmonė”, – apibendrina A. Jasinskas. Apsilankykite mūsų puslapyje JAV Visit our US page

"Hegelmann Group" įsigijo SGD varomų sunkvežimių

„Hegelmann Group” įsigijo penkis suskystintomis gamtinėmis dujomis (SGD) varomus sunkvežimius. Šie sunkvežimiai ne tik sumažins taršą, bet ir prisidės prie įmonės veiklos efektyvumo. Tikimasi, kad iki 2025 m. jie sudarys ne mažiau kaip 20 proc. viso bendrovės transporto priemonių parko, kurį šiuo metu sudaro apie 4 000 sunkvežimių.

Žengdama ekologijos link, bendrovė taip pat siekia atkreipti dėmesį į dėl sausros ir klimato kaitos Europoje kylančią miškų problemą ir planuoja Europoje pasodinti 7 000 medžių – tiek jų pasodins „Hegelmann Group” darbuotojai.

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