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Successful Completion of the First Cargo Transportation from China to the EU via Georgia by Hegelmann Multimodal Georgia  

In a remarkable achievement for the logistics and transportation sector, Hegelmann Multimodal Georgia, which falls under the holding of a German conglomerate – Hegelmann Group, has successfully completed the first cargo transportation from China to the European Union via Georgia. This significant milestone was achieved under the expert management of Maya Mgeladze, the CEO of Hegelmann Multimodal Georgia. 

This groundbreaking transportation initiative marks a new era in the logistics industry, showcasing the strategic importance of Georgia as a vital transit hub connecting the East and the West. The successful completion of this route not only underscores the capabilities and efficiency of Hegelmann Multimodal Georgia but also highlights the potential for future growth and expansion in the region. 

A Strategic Achievement 

The transportation of the first cargo from China to the EU through Georgia is a testament to the strategic vision and leadership of Maya Mgeladze. Under her guidance, Hegelmann Multimodal Georgia has meticulously planned and executed this complex operation, overcoming numerous logistical challenges and ensuring seamless coordination between various stakeholders. 

Cargo Details and Local Involvement 

The first cargo transported comprised industrial spare parts and consumables used in manufacturing. A notable aspect of this transportation was that it was carried out with Georgian number plates from the local vehicle pool of Hegelmann Multimodal Georgia. This local involvement emphasizes the company’s commitment to leveraging regional resources and supporting the local economy. 

Inspired by the Historic Silk Route 

Drawing inspiration from the historic Silk Route, Hegelmann Multimodal Georgia offers comprehensive transportation solutions, including rail, road, marine and air transportation. This diverse range of services allows the company to provide flexible and efficient logistics solutions tailored to the specific needs of their clients, enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of global trade routes. 

Enhancing Global Connectivity 

This achievement is expected to enhance global connectivity and facilitate smoother trade routes between China and Europe. By leveraging Georgia’s strategic location, Hegelmann Multimodal Georgia has effectively created a new corridor that reduces transit times and costs, offering a competitive advantage to businesses engaged in international trade. 

Commitment to Excellence 

Maya Mgeladze expressed her pride and satisfaction at the successful completion of this landmark project. „This is a significant achievement for Hegelmann Multimodal Georgia and a clear demonstration of our commitment to excellence in logistics and transportation. We are proud to have established a new and efficient route that will benefit our clients and partners,” she said. 

Future Prospects 

The success of this initial cargo transportation sets a strong precedent for future operations. Hegelmann Multimodal Georgia plans to further develop and optimize this route, enhancing its capacity and reliability. This initiative is expected to attract more businesses seeking efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions, further cementing Georgia’s role as a critical transit hub in the global supply chain. 


The successful completion of the first cargo transportation from China to the EU via Georgia by Hegelmann Multimodal Georgia is a significant milestone in the logistics industry. It exemplifies the strategic importance of Georgia in global trade and the dedication of Hegelmann Multimodal Georgia, under the leadership of Maya Mgeladze, and supported by the extensive network and resources of Hegelmann Group. This achievement paves the way for future growth and highlights the potential for Georgia to become a central player in the international logistics landscape. 


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