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Integrated management system policy

HEGELMANN Group companies provide partial and full load transport by various means of transport in Western and Eastern Europe and warehousing services.
Our goal is to become the best provider of freight transport and warehousing services for our customers, which is why we closely follow the various changes in the freight transport market and adapt well to them by adopting the most suitable logistics and warehousing solutions and modernising our fleet. Our team is always ready to listen to our customers’ requests and offer them the most appropriate solution at short notice.
The company’s management has implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, GDP, SQAS standards to ensure the quality, safety, management of occupational risks and negative environmental impact of the freight transport and warehousing services provided.

To properly maintain and continuously improve the management system for quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and health, medical products and food transportation, integrating it into the Company’s business as one of the key management elements;
To provide customers with freight transport and warehousing services that meet their needs;
Improve the quality and scope of services provided by improving the monitoring and management of all internal and external factors;
To responsibly evaluate service providers and product suppliers, to maintain close and mutually beneficial relations with them, to control and monitor the compliance of suppliers, service providers and partners with their requirements;
Comply with all legal requirements and obligations applicable to the Company with regard to environmental aspects, occupational health and safety, security, food safety and related legal requirements and obligations assumed by the Company;
Rational use of natural resources and energy, waste minimisation and responsible waste management;
Promote openness and dialogue with stakeholders, taking into account their requirements;
To educate and train employees, to systematically improve their qualifications, to develop their responsibility and that of other persons working on behalf of the Company for the quality of their work, the fulfilment of the requirements assumed, health and environmental protection;
Ensure proper and safe working conditions and social guarantees;
Provide and allocate resources for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the integrated management system;
Periodically evaluate the effectiveness of the integrated management system.

The HEGELMANN Group’s corporate policy is accessible to the public and stakeholders. All employees and persons working on behalf of the Company shall be made aware of this Policy and shall be bound by its provisions in their activities. The policy is reviewed annually to ensure that it remains relevant at all times.

Date 15.12.2023