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Her müşterinin mallarının taşınması ve depolanması açısından farklı ihtiyaçları olduğunun farkındayız. Bu nedenle, çok modlu (multi modal) taşımacılık ve tüm önemli dorse türleri dahil olmak üzere geniş bir hizmet yelpazesi sunuyoruz. Bu şekilde neredeyse tüm endüstrileri farklı şekillerde destekleyebiliriz. Özel çözümler, Avrupa ve Kuzey Amerika’da geniş bir kamyon ağı ve güvenilir ortaklarla, iş akışınıza sorunsuz bir şekilde entegre olabilir ve uzun vadede değerli zamanınızdan ve paradan tasarruf etmenizi sağlayabiliriz.

An excerpt of industries we support


The automotive industry is a fast-paced and changing environment. With just-in-sequence and just-in-time production, a reliable and fast logistics network is important. Our different types of trailers allow for the transport of every component necessary in the production chain to the delivery of the finished product to the dealership.

Chemical Companies

Chemicals require additional precautions to ensure a safe handling of goods and transport. Our bulk liquid trailers fulfill all necessary requirements to handle liquid bulk such as chemicals. All drivers involved in such transports have been trained to handle these types of trailers, ensuring security and safety for everyone.


We support e-commerce business by providing warehouse space, individualized software solutions and transport for your products. We can also support you in the optimization of processes and extension of existing services.


Plastic pellets are an integral raw material for the majority of products. Due to their small size, they behave similir to liquids. Our dry bulk tankers are able to handle these types of materials as well as grains, powders and other dry bulk.

Food and Beverages

We can transport everything, from fresh fruits, vegetables and meat to beverages. Our thermo trailers can be cooled and allow for the transport of perishable goods across Europe and Northern America. With our food grade liquid tankers, we can also transport most liquids like milk, syrup and beer. We support both retail and manufacturers with their logistic needs.

Liquid Chemicals

Fuel, paints, resins and other liquids are vital to all sorts of different industries and manufacturing processes. We transport these types of goods directly from their source to the production facilities.


Thanks to our cooling capacities and our various certifications, we can transport ingredients and finished pharma products with our thermo trailers. Remote monitoring ensures, that the cooling is stable across the whole trip. We have dedicated drivers for pharmaceutics that are specifically trained in handling high value products and ingredients.


The farming industry is integral to our economy. After the growing and harvesting of crops, the resulting grain needs to be transported to distributors and silos. Our dry bulk trailers are able to transport up to 60m3 of grains and feed components.