Storage services

We like to move it!

Individual warehouse services! For our customers we ensure the steady flow of goods so your production process won´t be interrupted. A stable supply chain is an indispensable condition for every industry. That's why our transporting as well as our storage services are making sure, your production will never have to stop. We take charge of your goods with our special transportation vehicles and deliver them from and to our warehouses to factories or suppliers all over Europe. The Supervision of empties and the organisation the various transports are part of our performance as well as the handling of trailer yards. We understand the customers needs. 

Our Warehouse Facilities




Hegelmann Express GmbH

Industriestraße 38B

44892, Bochum, Germany

Size: 3000m²


Hegelmann Express GmbH

Im Ochsensatall 9

76689, Karlsdorf-Neuthard, Germany

Size: 2500 m²





Hegelmann Logistics France SARL

Rui de la Caille

71880, Châtenoy-le-Royal, France

Size: 6000m²




Hegelmann Logistics UAB

Pirklių 5

54340, Kaunas, Lithuania

Size: 21.000m²


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