Young company, professional team!

HTR SPEDITION is a company founded in 2014 that operates in the freight transport market. Our services provide guarantees of security and speed in the delivery of goods with the best technical equipment of the means of transport. We provide transportation services for both general and dangerous goods. We focus on an innovative approach to the services we offer and a professional team.
The means of transport are permanently monitored, which ensures increased security of the fleet and the goods transported. At the same time, due to our monitoring systems, our customers always know the location and condition of the goods being transported. All this allows us to aim at ensuring the fastest, safest and most qualitative services on the market.

Contact info:

Bulevardul Socola nr.41,
RO-700186 Iași România.

T: +40 372 653801
F: +40 372 653800

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