Thermo Trailer

Hard shell, sensitive core

With our modern refrigerated trailers, we offer a professional transportation service for temperature-sensitive goods such as fruit, vegetables, flowers, dairy products and many other goods with temperature control needs. For the special transport of sensitive pharmaceuticals we provide qualified trucks, that meet the requirements of all GDP 2013. To ensure a perfect controlled temperature-sensitive delivery we utilize a telematics-system, so any temperature deviation can be corrected instantly. The trailers are loaded from the back and the cargo is secured through the use of cargo straps. For security reasons, our refrigerated trailers are also equipped with clamps. 

Technical Data

  • H: 2650mm
  • B: 2465mm
  • L: 13310mm
  • 33-66 pallet spaces


  • Double-Deck Box with 50mm hole grid
  • Thermoking 300 SLX and 400 SLX
  • Code XL, EN 12642 certified
  • GDP, Pharmaserv certified
  • Telematics
  • International customs seal

Responsibility for the people and the environment

All our vehicles comply with EURO-6 standards and are regularly maintained and serviced by authorized service workshops.