No matter paper or steel

For our heavy industry clients we offer a special equipment, the so called Coil Trailer. With the shape of an ordinary curtainsider-trailer the coil-trailer can do more. The Coil Trailer are equipped with a 9 meter long trough which enables a secure shipment of heavy coils.

Technical Data

  • i.H: 2625mm - 2700mm
  • i.B: 2480mm
  • i.L: 13620 mm
  • Payload: up to 22,5 tons
  • 34 pallet spaces


  • Code XL, EN 12642 certified
  • 9m Coil trough
  • Special chains for securing the goods

Responsibility for the people and the environment

All our vehicles comply with EURO-6 standards and are regularly maintained and serviced by authorized service workshops.