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Hegelmann USA Fleet

Because of consistent investments, the Hegelmann USA commands a modern, safe and efficient fleet. With ongoing maintenance and trained employees, we are ready to face the demands on the road. We are happy to invest in your safeness and ours.

Our vehicles are equipped with modern navigation systems (GPS) and GSM mobile phones and can also be fitted with camera surveillance devices upon request. Thanks to GPS, our vehicles are in constant contact with our dispatch team during the entire process of order fulfillment. This means the already covered route, daily mileage, speed and other key journey information is transparent and can be controlled at any time. Taking responsibility for both people, all our vehicles are regularly inspected and maintained by authorized service workshops. The average age of our vehicles is 1 year.

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Our American Fleet

Made in America

Equipped with the
latest tech

with free NFL Sunday Ticket

72″ raised roof sleeper cab
with double bunk


  • Automated transmission

  • Disk brakes

  • APU Unit

  • TV with FREE NFL Sunday Ticket which includes more than 100 channels.

  • Detroit Assurance 5.0

    • Obstacle detection
    • Active brake assist
    • and adaptive cruise control
    • Lane departure protection
    • video capture
  • Detroit Side Guard Assist

  • Replacement Trucks

    When one of our trucks goes down and the repairs cannot be made in a timely manner, you are able to get a replacement truck if available (In Chicago)

  • LED Headlights

  • Assigned Trucks

  • Fridge, power inverter and optional microwaves

  • Trucks are governed at 75 mph. SmartPass + ELD


From Romeoville, IL
through North America


Driver Testimonials


Driver Hegelmann USA

I feel no need to look for employment any further. I feel, that I have found my home. Thank you.

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Are you looking for a transport in North America? Our dedicated USA-Team is there for you.

H Transporte USA
1124 Windham Pkw
Romeoville, IL 60446