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2000th MAN truck for Hegelmann Group

The Hegelmann Group was able to take delivery of its 2000th truck from the Munich-based commercial vehicle manufacturer at Hauser Schloss on the MAN Truck & Bus factory premises. Another 680 vehicles will follow.

  • Hegelmann Group receives 2000th truck from MAN
  • Another 680 vehicles to follow in the next few months
  • Hegelmann Group specializes in time-critical deliveries for the automotive, heavy goods and food industries

The Hegelmann Group is an internationally active transport service provider. The family-run company offers cross-industry standard, special and express transports and specializes in time-critical deliveries for the automotive, heavy-duty and food industries. To this end, Hegelmann has a fleet of more than 5,000 vehicles and employs around 8,500 people.

The 2,000th truck from MAN Truck & Bus has now been handed over in Munich. The vehicles recently handed over are mainly MAN 18.510 4×2 tractor units. A further delivery of around 680 vehicles to Hegelmann will follow in the next few months.

“We are very pleased about the enormous order from the transport service provider Hegelmann as well as the huge number of vehicles delivered over the last few years. This is proof of the strong partnership as well as the reliability, profitability and great driver orientation of our vehicles”

Christoph Huber
Chairman of the Executive Board of MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH, during the handover of the 2000th vehicle.

TuSimple Partners with Global Logistics Leader, Hegelmann Group

SAN DIEGO, July 19, 2022 – TuSimple (Nasdaq: TSP), a global autonomous driving technology company, has announced its partnership with Hegelmann Group, a major European transport and logistics provider, that operates a fleet of over 5,000 vehicles, including an initial reservation of purpose-built SAE Level 4 (L4) Autonomous International® Trucks for operation in North America.  The trucks will be equipped with TuSimple’s advanced autonomous driving system and will be based on a world-class global vehicle platform developed by Navistar.

Hegelmann’s partnership with TuSimple signals the symbiotic path of both partners to offer innovative solutions that address the ongoing driver shortage while lowering greenhouse gas emissions and improving vehicle and environmental safety. Hegelmann’s reservation of factory-production units with TuSimple technology is a primary action in developing a new state-of-the-art logistics network in North America called the TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network (AFN). Early studies show that autonomous trucks in this type of network have the potential to reduce fuel consumption for middle mile transportation.

“TuSimple’s innovations will elevate our ability to compete and prosper in the North American market and are analogous to our stated objective to become a global logistics technology adopter,” said Andrew Jasinskas, Business Development Project Manager – Hegelmann USA. “Undoubtedly autonomous trucks with TuSimple technology are the future of transportation, and Hegelmann’s strategy is to likewise be a standard bearer for innovations that push safety and efficiency to the next era of logistics excellence.”

“We are pleased to add Hegelmann to our rapidly growing fleet partners who wish to adopt, integrate, and scale SAE L4 truck operation in the United States,” said Lee White, Vice President of Strategy. “Hegelmann chose TuSimple as their autonomous vehicle technology partner due to TuSimple’s leadership in the rapidly approaching full-commercialization of autonomous vehicles.”

TuSimple demonstrated its leadership with the industry’s first Driver Out (no human intervention or operator) runs in 2021 which the company plans to continue through 2022 as it prepares for full commercialization. TuSimple’s Driver Out pilot program is the product of a year and a half of work to co-develop a L4 autonomous Class 8 vehicle with Navistar to demonstrate the level of redundancy, reliability, consistency, and safety necessary to remove the driver from the truck.

By the end of 2023, TuSimple plans to carry paid freight operations in high-density freight lanes in the southern US. Driver-out runs have been critical in scaling autonomous trucking operations on the TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network. 

Videos of TuSimple’s Driver Out operations can be found [here].

TuSimple’s Safety Case for Driver Out operations can be found [here].

About Hegelmann Group
The Hegelmann Group was founded in 1998 in Germany. The company has established many branches and has become a transcontinental, international company on a professional high level. On the basis of more than 24 years of experience, owned fleet of more than 5000 transport units, and the resulting know-how, the company provides a wide range of logistic solutions where the customer can be on the pulse of the service. The company offers customers temperature-controlled transport, standard, special, intermodal and non-stop express transport, providing solutions for a wide spectrum of different requests. These include heavy-lift transports, transports of dangerous goods, transporting consolidated cargo, and grouped cargo. The Hegelmann Group never loses a focus on the environment and economy by enhancing sustainable growth and development step by step. Visit for more information.

About TuSimple

TuSimple is a leader in global (SAE  Level 4) autonomous driving technology for long-haul heavy-duty trucks headquartered in San Diego, California, with operations in Arizona, Texas, Europe, and China. In 2021, TuSimple became the world’s first autonomous trucking company to successfully complete a fully autonomous, ‘driver out’ semi-truck run on open public roads without a human in the vehicle or any human intervention. The company also created the very first autonomous trucking lane in the U.S. TuSimple plans to scale its autonomous commercial freight operations on its TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network (AFN).  Visit us at

SOURCE TuSimple Holdings, Inc.

Hegelmann promotes digitalisation with BPA Solutions

An important pillar of the Hegelmann Group is the digitalisation of our processes. Due to our broad portfolio of different services in the logistics sector, customised software solutions are essential for our operations.

Together with our new partner BPA Solutions, we are developing new software solutions that integrate seamlessly with our ERP and Microsoft teams. BPA Solutions has been offering individual software solutions for SharePoint and Microsoft Office since 2001. With the BPA Solution Builder, we can implement new projects faster and more reliably and further improve the user experience for our employees and our customers.

An important milestone was the document management for quality assurance. The focus here was on restructuring our processes towards incremental versioning of forms and other documents. Due to the constantly changing conditions in logistics, including legislative changes such as the introduction of the European Union’s mobility package, it is necessary to regularly adapt forms and processes to the new conditions. The document management developed by BPA Solutions also enables us to simplify approval processes between employees, supervisors and managing directors. This enables us to react confidently and quickly to changes and to optimise previous processes accordingly.

BPA Solutions also enables us to create e-learning quizzes and track employee results to simplify digital training and improve the learning experience.

The Swiss company offers a high level of flexibility and quality. Thanks to the integration with SharePoint, the new modules fit seamlessly into our existing business process. We will continue to work with BPA Solutions on similar projects in the future.

Accounting Debtors (m/f/d)

We are looking for a Debtor Accountant (m/f/d) in full-time at our location in Bruchsal as soon as possible.

We strive to fill jobs as evenly as possible with employees (f/m/d). In the case of equal suitability, severely disabled persons will be given preferential consideration.

Hegelmann connects ERP with the TIMOCOM system

Hegelmann Express GmbH relies on digital solutions to optimise its processes. An interface can save a lot of time in work processes, which means that employees can be deployed even more efficiently.

As an internationally active transport service provider, Hegelmann Express GmbH faces the challenge of meeting time-critical delivery times with every transport. Because in the transport of goods, all wheels must mesh smoothly so that goods reliably reach their destination. For this reason, and in order to fulfil the wishes of our customers even more efficiently, we constantly scrutinise and improve all processes along the supply chain. After all, time is money – and avoidable errors cause unnecessary costs. For this reason, we are always on the lookout for ways and means to streamline and optimise the workflow.

One challenge for us as a family-run company is to integrate various digital solutions into our own process landscape. To solve this problem, we have now intensified our cooperation with the FreightTech company TIMOCOM and the ERP provider ABONA.

You can find more information at

Health Management

Health management plays an important role in our companies philosophy. This involves not only physical health, but mental health as well. Our goal is to improve all aspects of health for our drivers and our employees in the service area.

To improve the communication of health related topics and to plan events and workshops regarding health, Hegelmann Group appointed Lisa Rothfuß, head of marketing Germany as a health manager. Together with her team she regularly organizes a variety of events and campaigns covering different aspects of health management at Hegelmann.

Covid 19 related shift to digital campaigns

Due to Corona, health campaigns had to be scaled back in 2020 and could not be carried out in person as they were in the previous year. This led to a change in how we provide materials and shifted us from in-person experiences towards digital campaigns to inform our employees about how to stay healthy. The campaigns involved tips in the area of healthy nutrition, physical and mental health and sports which were provided for employees. We also introduced new campaigns

World Health Day

For the World Health Day on April 07, 2021, a small throwback video was created for the employees, which included all past actions related to health management throughout the Group. It was intended to remind and motivate employees to always take care of their own health and bodies.

Mental Health Month

As part of the mental health month in May of 2021, the team organized four professional livestreams surrounding the topics of stress reduction, motivation, positive mind and meditation. The streams consisted of industry professionals that explained each topic and also provided the viewers with easy exercises they can do at home or on the road. The streams were public for everyone to watch and therefore also provide people outside of our company the opportunity to improve their well-being by watching the recordings of those coaching events.

Fit Like a Boss

To encourage our employees to practice healthy behaviors, “Fit Like a Boss” was launched by the Health Management Team. Every Monday, various tips or small exercises in the area of health were sprinkled to all employees and on social media. What are the benefits of nuts? How do I stretch my arms or legs? Why should I eat vegetarian once a week? How long should I sleep every day? And so on… The campaign ran from March to July.

Fit into the Winter

Autumn is the season for colds. To get our employees fit and healthy in the winter, weekly activities were organized in October and November. For this purpose, the Health Management team recorded various videos together with a yoga coach, which are very easy to follow. From yoga at work to a daily morning routine, there is something for everyone. The videos were edited and made available to employees as well as shared on social media. Other activities such as a smoothie day and the provision of a Health Drink with fresh ginger, honey and lemons in all office kitchens were also part of the Fit-into-the-winter campaign.

How H-Mann helps us to improve our office atmosphere

It is very important to maintain a good atmosphere between all employees: office workers, drivers and managers. Especially in a fast-paced industry such as logistics, it can become stressful when there is a high volume of orders or unexpected problems that need to be solved.
This makes creating good work atmosphere even more important since it can reduce stress and improve the mental and physical well-being of each employee.

The Birth of H-Mann

Born as an idea of the marketing team in Poland to create a brand hero representing our companies values, a superhero called H-Mann was an obvious choice given the perfectly fitting name of our company falling into a pattern with other famous superheros. This idea developed even further and evolved into a whole internal marketing campaign for our employees. An explainer video was created that is communicating the most important spects of H-Mann.

Engagement with employees

To allow people to identify with H-Mann, several communication methods were established. General information coming from H-Mann are delivered via our internal newsletter. With the first introduction of H-Mann, we also set up a dedicated e-mail-adress where employees can ask questions or just interact with H-Mann as if he would be a real person.

Social Media

The team also set up a socialmedia channel on Facebook. This channel is public to everyone and posts advice how to get a better atmosphere in the office with regular posts. This way, not only Hegelmann employees, but employees from other companies can profit from these posts. For employees that are not part of Facebook, the team also setup an e-mail account where employees can send their ideas and experiences or just ask questions in general. The e-mails are checked on a regular basis and each message is answered individually to ensure that the sender feels connected to H-Manns personality.


A very important aspect of H-Mann was communicating respect between people, even when someone is in a stress-full situation. This applies not only to the stress of themselves but also to situations where a co-worker might be stressed or angered. Employees get tips to calm them down and support them to have the best outcome for everyone in their department and the customer.
Defusing tricky situations
Another aspect of H-Mann is to train employees on how to defuse situations, where they are confronted with an unusual situation. This includes heated debates between colleagues and stressfull situations.

Training managers

In a 2-day workshop that was held online and internationally, managers were trained how to cope with stress, how to follow our companies values and how to be ambassadors of Goodwill. The project was started under the name “Goodwill Forwarders”.

H-Mann gets around

Thanks to life-size cardboard-cutouts of H-Mann, he is able to join employees in their offices and on events in all major locations of our group. Taking a photo with the cutout is very popular among employees and they also get very creative decorating H-Mann with jackets, halloween-costumes and more. H-Mann is always accompanied by a speech bubble where employees can put in statements on how they want to improve the atmosphere in their office. This way, every employee has the chance to give their own advice to other employees through H-Mann as a platform.

Project will be repeated yearly

The project will be done in cycles. Each year there will be a new campaign, but there will also be an evaluation of what impact the campaign has on employees and wheter they consider the atmosphere in their office as good or not.

Gender Equality

The male/female ratio in our office staff had stabilized at around 50/50. Our dispatching department has a majority of male employees, whereas Accountancy and Human Resources has a majority of female employees. Female employees make up only 19% percent of our whole workforce; drivers make up roughly 80% percent of our total workforce, which is almost entirely male. Women currently make up 42% of all management positions, with the eventual goal of adapting the 50/50 split we already have in our office employees.

Diversity & Inclusion

The Hegelmann Group’s diversity and inclusion process outlines fundamental criteria and defines the most significant guidelines for implementation and practices. All employees of the company are subject to the operation. All employees have access to the workflow via Intranet. Every person in the organization who suspects a breach of these processes must act quickly and correctly, informing the company’s managing director. The company provides an explicit promise of total confidentiality, data protection, and confidentiality to all candidates.

Inclusivity includes bringing together and effectively utilizing different forces and resources to meet the needs of current generations without risking future generations’ ability to meet their own needs.” By cultivating a culture of participation, respect, and connection, in which the diversity of ideas, backgrounds, and opinions is harnessed to generate business value and overall success, inclusion puts the concept and practice of diversity into action.

Freight Forwarder

We are looking for a motivated, reliable, communicative and hard-working person with experience for the position of Freight Forwarder in one of the largest, dynamically developing transport company in the region, Hegelmann Transporte Sp z o.o. based in Poznań.

Freight Forwarder

We are looking for a motivated, reliable, communicative and hard-working person with experience for the position of Freight Forwarder in one of the largest, dynamically developing transport company in the region, Hegelmann Transporte Sp z o.o. based in Częstochowa.

Tracking Manager

We are looking for a motivated, creative, accurate and hardworking person with communication skills for the Tracking Manager position, in one of the largest, dynamically developing transport company in the region, Hegelmann Transporte Sp. z o.o. based in Częstochowa with branches all over Europe.

Carrier Manager

We are looking for an experienced, responsible and hard-working person for the position of a Carrier Manager  in one of the largest and dynamically developing transport companies in the region.

Spot Sales Manager

We are looking for an experienced, responsible and hard-working person for the position of Spot Sales Manager in one of the largest, dynamically developing transport company in the region.

Hegelmann trailers save fuel through optimised aerodynamics

  • Five trucks to be equipped with aero packages from Betterflow
  • Fuel savings of up to 1.8 litres per 100 kilometres
  • Logistics company aims for climate neutrality by 2035

Bruchsal, 31 March 2022 – Hegelmann Express GmbH is launching a pilot project with Betterflow GmbH to significantly reduce its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. For this purpose, the international transport and logistics company is equipping five trailers with special aero packages from the company. After a successful test phase, further vehicles are to follow. The reduced air resistance saves up to 1.8 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres. With an average mileage of 120,000 kilometres per year, this results in a saving of over 2,000 litres per year for each equipped vehicle. The project is part of a sustainable corporate strategy with which Hegelmann aims to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2035. “The topic of sustainability is more important than ever. As a logistics company, we have a particular responsibility to reduce our emissions,” explains Andreas Schmidt, CEO of Hegelmann Express GmbH. The aerodynamic packages from Betterflow help with this. They contain various components that are attached to the semi-trailer and reduce the air resistance of the trucks. Initially, five refrigerated trailers will be equipped with the systems. They will receive the all-round package consisting of the robust underbody membrane (LowFLOW), a fairing for the underbody protection (LowFLOW Shape), a slat for the front wall of the trailer (HighFLOW) and the automatic rear wing system (RearFLOW). The technology is mainly used on long-distance transports in order to save as much CO2 as possible. The LowFLOW component covers almost the entire underbody. Brackets on the chassis at the rear and on the support legs at the front stretch a membrane and bring it tightly into a smooth shape, optimising the underbody flow. In addition, the LowFLOW Shape components cover the rear underbody protection. Both components are extremely robust and maintenance-free. The HighFLOW system ensures optimum airflow in the rear area. The underbody and roof airflow are coordinated with each other. Strong turbulences in the rear area are reduced by the fully automatic rear wing system RearFLOW, which opens automatically from a speed of 60 km/h. The result is an average reduction of 1.5 metres in airflow. As a result, an average of 1.8 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres can be saved. The investment of around 10,000 euros per trailer is expected to pay for itself after only 15 months and is part of the holistic sustainability offensive that the Bruchsal-based logistics company is pursuing. An essential part of the strategy is to reduce emissions as much as possible. Among other things, Hegelmann is researching a project on tyre efficiency, which should reduce fuel consumption by another 15 per cent. In addition, the logistics company is converting its fleet to liquid biomethane (Bio LNG). By the end of this year, a total of 150 trucks are to run on the sustainable fuel, and by 2025, 20 percent of the entire fleet. This is to be supplemented by electric trucks from 2024. “Furthermore, we are working on an offsetting programme to compensate for five per cent of the emissions from transport activities. Our overarching goal is CO2 neutrality by 2035,” Schmidt emphasises.